Best Custom Boxes For All Types Of Products

Custom boxes are the new norm in packaging. With time, the carbon footprint impression on the environment has made everyone quit using plastic packaging. The continuous burning of fossil fuels was an alarming situation across the world that results in global warming. Moreover, this packaging affected the business sector as well. This traditional packaging method was a massive burden on manufacturers as well. It was expensive and time-consuming.

However, the continuous chaos leads to introduce the most convenient source i-e custom boxes. As the name suggests, the custom boxes are the packaging boxes that a brand design by them. These boxes comply with the nature and size of the product to fit appropriately. They are handy and reliable as compared to traditional packaging. Above all, they are made of recyclable material i-e paper that is prepared from biodegradable sources.

These best custom boxes are suitable to pack every type of product regardless of size and material. In this blog, we’ve enlisted some best custom boxes that are perfect for all types of products. Take a look at it.

Custom Corrugated Boxes:

Corrugated boxes are one of the most common types of custom boxes. Almost 95% of consumer goods are transported in corrugated boxes across North America. The reason is extra strength and sturdiness that keep the products safe inside. However, several types of corrugated boxes depend upon the “flutes”. Flutes are known as the waves found in cardboard. The more the flutes, the more it provides protection. For extra care, many manufacturers and brands use corrugated boxes with high flutes to ensure maximum protection.

They provide efficient resistance against unusual jerks and bumps during transportation.

Paperboard Custom Boxes:

Paperboard boxes are ideal for those who want to add a touch of personalization. As the name suggests, these paperboard custom boxes are ideal to pack almost every product because they can be mold easily. Despite the versatility, there are several types of paperboard boxes that include

  • CUX Boxes
  • SBS Boxes
  • Chipboard boxes

If you are looking for custom box personalization, these boxes are the ideal choice for you. With the help of professional designers, you can craft them with captivating color schemes and fonts. Among the best custom boxes, paperboard boxes are the most suitable ones for customization.

Rigid Boxes:

For packagings fragile and luxurious things like jewelry and watches, rigid boxes are the best custom boxes. The reason they are used widely across the world is their high uncompressible resistance. They are made with highly condensed paperboard material making them four times thicker than an ordinary custom box. It is what most of the luxurious brands use in their packaging.

With extra reliability, they come with some price of course. However, a user happily pays the price by obtaining the next-level safety feature. Packaging plays an important role in ensuring the safety of the products. Brands that produce luxurious items cannot compromise their safety. Therefore, rigid boxes become their ideal choice as it gives them safe shipment across the USA. Ultimately, brands ready to pay the price at once.

Poly Bags

Polybags have a significant influence on the best custom boxes. For businesses that deal in food, magazines, and chemicals, use customized poly bags. These are thin filmed bags that are light in weight for a handy approach. Moreover, they are convenient for customization. You might have seen frozen fries packed in these bags of various brands at grocery stores. Several companies use them as they keep the food fresh for days. Moreover, they can be easily molded into any size or shape. Among the best custom boxes, these poly bags have a reputed name. They can easily be print than other boxes that make them more reliable. At claws custom boxes, we have a wide range of custom boxes that can be perfectly used in your packaging standards. We understand how crucial high standard packaging is for you. These custom boxes not only provide maximum protection during shipment across the US but they have many additional benefits as well. They are cost-friendly as well, which helps to reduce your expenses a lot. Unlike traditional packaging, you won’t have to pay for additional charges every time you need them. With the recycling procedure, you can use them after disposing of them as well which makes them more productive as well. We offer you custom boxes that help you to pay a healthy contribution to society. So what are you waiting for? Place your order now and use our versatile custom boxes that are suitable for all types of products

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