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At The Claws Custom Boxes , we offer businesses with custom printed box Wholesale with logo and custom packaging solutions that meet industry and product exact requirements. Claws is a precociously advanced and convergent custom packaging boxes Wholesale company with the best-experienced professionals and machines of designing and boxes architectures that congenially create an accomplishment of manufacturing the voguish layouts for your packaging needs. Custom boxes are high in demand nowadays. Almost all brands and retailers look for creative packaging. These boxes are essential for the product’s presentation. Besides, they are great presentation and branding tools. You can encounter many business benefits with their help. However, you must go for high-quality and trendier packaging.

Claws Custom Boxes provide the best solutions in this regard. We create and supply an incredible selection of wholesale custom boxes. Our boxes are made exceptionally by using special techniques. However, they are eco-friendly and strong. We carefully select the material that is durable and reliable. Our in-house team is proficient in making top-notch custom packaging boxes as per new trends. The premium quality and incredible designs make our boxes the leading choice.

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No die & plate

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High-quality Offset printing

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12-Day Turnaround

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Starting from 1000 Boxes

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Custom Sizes & Style

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Competitive Pricing

Custom Boxes Premium Services at One Place

Nowadays, custom boxes are high in demand by all the brands and companies. Through attractive and well-designed personalized boxes, you can attract a wide range of customers to fuel up your business sales and success. Also, the boxes are great branding and marketing tools. There are various packaging companies providing incredible services in this regard.

Affordable Custom Designed Boxes

All types of custom designed boxes at the wholesale price. We are bringing unique, creative, and affordable custom packaging solutions for all brands to enhance their business success in a highly competitive marketplace. You can get custom boxes wholesale in fascinating themes, prints, and designs as per your specific needs.

All our boxes are made of eco-friendly and durable packaging material. Hence, the best design and manufacturing techniques are implied to give them a distinctive appearance. In our custom printed boxes, your products will look more appealing and captivating. This leads to more business sales and revenues.

Boxes By Style

Get Custom packaging boxes in the Finest Quality

The quality and durability of boxes matter a lot. Your product’s safety depends on the quality of box. We understand this aspect very well. However, we offer sturdy custom boxes wholesale in multiple styles. The best and eco-friendly materials are being used to make boxes. Furthermore, we imply high-end manufacturing techniques throughout.

Our boxes are made of cardboard, corrugated, Kraft, and cardstock material. However, you can get them in a range of styles and sizes. They possess great structural integrity and material thickness. In them, you can safely display, sell and deliver your products. Our boxes are tear, heat, and moisture resistant. They protect the inside items against all sorts of damage for a long time. Definitely, people will love to buy products that come in such high-grade packaging boxes.

We offer Custom printed boxes in Alluring Designs

Custom printed boxes have become a new fashion in the packaging industry. As compared to simple packaging, printed boxes appeal to customers even more. Claws Custom Boxes has specialized in making innovative packaging solutions. You can get custom boxes wholesale in a range of prints and colors. We use the latest printing methods to design boxes. However, you can also customize the prints as per your demand. We are proficient in packaging production and printing.

All our team of graphic designers is skilled and proficient. Hence, we are well aware of the advanced packaging trends and standards. Our custom printed boxes are captivating and unique. We create them in fascinating themes, graphics, patterns, and textures. However, they incorporate sharp and catchy color combinations. To print custom packaging boxes, we use the following techniques!

  • Screen Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Lithography
  • Flexography
  • CMYK
  • PMS

Custom packaging boxes with logo for Branding & Marketing

Claws Custom Boxes is bringing incredible custom boxes wholesale to cater to your diverse needs. These boxes are ideal to enhance your product’s presentation. We offer them in unique and appealing designs. However, the quality of our boxes is matchless.

Along with the presentation benefits, custom printed boxes are best for branding purposes. They effectively promote your brand and product in the competitive marketplace. However, we offer custom boxes with logo and other business details to engage customers. These boxes give your brand a competitive edge. Besides, your customer’s loyalty will increase. We can print your logo directly on the boxes. Also, you can ask us to add labels, stickers, and other features.

Other options we offer include logo embossing, debossing, foiling, and raised ink. These are innovative techniques that make your logo more captivating. Furthermore, they positively influence the overall appearance of the boxes. Embossed and debossed boxes with high-end coating and prints look amazing. Hence, they will quickly capture the attention of potential buyers which leads to more business sales. However, custom boxes with logo are great to make your brand successful.

Order Wholesale Custom Boxes for all Products in Any Size and Style

Custom boxes and packaging have become essential in all industries. CCB is your one-stop destination to get custom boxes wholesale for all types of products. We understand the unique packaging needs of every business and deliver the services accordingly.

You can get custom packaging boxes in all sizes, layouts, and styles. We offer them in a lot of dimensions as per your product’s size. Our company uses special manufacturing and die-cut techniques to make small custom boxes, large custom boxes, and all other types. However, we give you complete customization liberty. This way, you can get boxes in your preferable design.

Also, you are available with the choices in terms of material, prints, finishing, coating, embossing, and debossing. Our custom packaging boxes with logo bring a lot of branding and business benefits. With Claws Custom Boxes, you can get all types of custom boxes for any product such as:

You can order custom packaging boxes in bulk as per your specific requirements. We ensure to complete and deliver your order on time without any delay. However, our professional team is available 24/7 to assist you related to the box design and printing. You can choose from our existing templates or specify your own design. We offer free shipping to our valuable clients. Place your order now!

High-end Finishing, Coating & Add-ons

To enhance the aesthetic visual appeal of boxes, we offer numerous embellishment and add-on choices. As a leading packaging company, we have all the resources and skills to design boxes in an extraordinary manner.

Our boxes come in appealing designs and prints. However, we offer high-end coating, finishing, and lamination choices. These features add more to the appeal and luxury of boxes. The coating choices we offer include glossy, semi-gloss, matte, and spot UV. Not only they add an exclusive touch to boxes but also work as protective layers.

They increase the value and protection of custom boxes and packaging. Besides, we offer numerous other embellishing and styling choices. You can get custom boxes with windows, die-cuts, handles, insert stocks, and more.

With us, the design possibilities are endless. Such a premium collection of custom packaging boxes impress customers at the first glance. Moreover, they increase the visibility, value and demand of your products.

Get your Custom Packaging Boxes Wholesale for Every Product

Claws is the name of a trust and group of trustworthy mortals who are busy creating unceasingly the best solutions for packaging for you. Although busy, we are conversable for you to ideate your needs for a unique and innovative design. Because we are professionals that are laced with proficiency in using the latest technology.

We produce layouts that are artfully crafted and add the needed charismatic effect to help you stand out with greater ease. We produce packaging solutions for any sort of custom packaging boxes such as cosmetic companies, bakery owners, apparel manufacturers, electronics retails, grocery store, or retailers of any other business.

As we construe your envisioned designs, so we are here to construct a perfect model from your contours of imagination. We are the best solutions that you can find all over the market space. We also offer many printing wholesale designs in form of various high-end and adorning finishing and adorning techniques and procedures.

All the boxes are exceptionally manufactured and designed to give your product immense protection and display. You can choose from our existing design options or specify your own. We offer these boxes in a diverse range of printing, styling, finishing, size, and designing options. So, our boxes have the potential to give your products a fascinating appearance.

Get Unique Custom Printed Boxes To Improve Your Sales

Claws Custom Boxes is among the best packaging companies providing incredible services to brands and businesses. The company has a proven experience in making high-grade, unique, and creative packaging product boxes that appeal to customers even at the first glance. We are helping brands to impress their customers through innovative packaging boxes wholesale.

For this, we come up with advanced packaging solutions based on your specific business requirements. To make customized boxes, we use standardized packaging material along with top-notch manufacturing techniques. For box designing, we use the latest equipment, tools, and printing techniques.

You can get custom packaging boxes in fascinating prints, themes, colors, and designs. Also, we offer many exclusive finishing, coating, lamination, and styling options to add more to the appeal of boxes. So by investing in our premium packaging boxes, you can take your business success to the next level. Because we offer well-designed and appealing packaging options that boost sales, increase brand awareness and improve your product recognition.

We design boxes in a way that offers an appealing impression of your brand. Our company understands the unique packaging needs of every business and works accordingly. You can get custom packaging boxes wholesale in innovative prints, shapes, and designs to make a strong customer base.

Design Custom Boxes in your Desired Shapes

Claws Custom Boxes is home to innovative, unique, and efficient packaging for all businesses. No matter for which product you want boxes, because we have the right solution. There are many box designing and styling options available to enhance your product appeal.

You can select from our existing custom box design templates. Also, we offer full customization options to our clients. Our expert team uses the latest manufacturing, designing, and printing techniques to fulfill your specific packaging requirements. Whatever box design you want just tell us, we will transform all your ideas into a reality with professional excellence and innovation.

We have specialized in making tailor-made boxes for your specific product. You can get custom packaging boxes wholesale in a variety of styles and themes. Also, we offer many options in terms of packaging material such as Kraft, cardboard, corrugated, linen stock, card stock, rigid and more. You can also select from a wide range of printing, color, coating, add-ons, inserts, dimensions, and size options.

Many options in terms of coating, finishing, lamination, embossing, and debossing are also available. Whatever your specific concerns and requirements are, we have the right resources, skills, expertise, equipment, and experience to fulfill all with excellence. Hence, we ensure 100% customer satisfaction on all levels through our incredible personalized boxes

Get Customized Boxes with Logo

Give your brand a competitive edge with custom boxes with logo, name, tagline, and other details. We offer an incredible collection of custom packaging product boxes that enhance the reputation and recognition of your brand in the competitive marketplace. Our company is proficient in making customized boxes with logo in appealing styles.

We are sincere companion in your business, as we know the trendsetter strategies of the packaging. So your product should be distinctive in respect of your exclusive ambassador brand logo, your recognition color, and the message on the box that sends ripples in the eyes of the customer’s eyes. With their unique design and color, these custom printed boxes can highlight you in the overall retail field as well.

We believe in the quality of your items and goods, but the customer is enticed by the apparent packaging that is the first expression.

Order Custom Boxes Now at the Best Rates

Looking for durable and unique custom boxes for your products? If yes, then you are at the right place, because we are providing incredible custom packaging solutions based on your specific needs and concerns. Our team is highly skilled, professional, and experienced and works to attain full customer satisfaction through exclusive packaging boxes. We create and design excellent boxes in fascinating styles and themes.

These influences leave a lasting impression on a customer’s mind. Hence, our boxes are highly affordable. With less investment, you can gain various branding, marketing, display, and safety benefits. So your product can look only enchanting lying in the pantry, shelf, or rack of a shop or store when it is represented in mesmerizing packaging. We offer free shipping, free design support, and fast turnarounds to customers. Simply get your custom box from us by giving us a call at (505) 407-0095. or contact through our user-friendly website we’ll get back to you asap in response as you come first in our business scheme. Claws Custom Boxes is a Graphic is serving customers nationwide, check out their and leave a review.

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