5 Delicious Fun Food to Make This Easter

5 Delicious Fun Food to Make This Easter

Claws Custom boxes always try to help their customers in different ways. That’s why here is presenting some of delicious Fun Food for Easter as well. Well, you can send these fun food as a gift to your beloved by packing them into an adorable custom box. So let’s begin it.

Rice crispy flower

These look very interesting and easy, I’m pretty sure I do not even need a recipe, I just need the inspiration for a photo! However, if you do not cook rice regularly, checking it may be a good idea. This blog post says that they use the recipe next to the cereal box, which sounds correct. Be careful when melting chocolate wafers! Use only moderate heat for 1 to 2 minutes and thoroughly mix between the two.

Bird’s Nest

I always think that these are not just melted chocolate. They are very easy to make, just melt chocolate pieces, mix in fried noodles, and then shape them with a muffin pan! Some recipes add dry cereal, such as rice crisps or cornflakes, to increase the sense of tightness. I used white chocolate and put some Heath Stick Toffee candy for extra sweetness. They are delicious!

Babybel rabbit

I really want to try these because they are so cute. This can be quite time-consuming. We spent 15-20 minutes making three bunnies, from start to finish. However, the final result is as cute as I hope. I suggest adding a mini chocolate to the eye, we tried to cut the corner by carefully cutting off the top of the normal size chocolate chip, but it turned out to be harder than it helped.

Bunny sugar cookies

These cute sugar cookies are very simple to make. Use a pre-made dough for a faster process. Once the production is done, this process is very simple, making them look like rabbits. Pressed the pink candy to an ear, using a small black icing tube for the eyes and using a quick pom-pom tail with white icing.

Mint peppermint patty

What’s the best part about these patties? They are not roasted. It wasn’t until I read the recipe that I realized they didn’t need to bake. It only takes about 20 minutes to complete the recipe. After they stood for a day (in the open air), they were firm enough outside, they did not stick to my fingers, but the inside remained soft. My family loves them too. They can easily flow into your mouth after dinner. I just need to make sure I don’t eat too much at a time. I use raspberry extract instead of peppermint, but you can also use almonds, herbs, lemons or any other flavor you like.

These were 5 super fun foods, especially for Easter. Make this food easily and send them by packing in custom boxes to your beloved ones. If you are looking for the service providing awesomely design boxes than you are absolutely in a right place. Find out some collection of your required boxes.

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