Tell the difference between the four types of coating which your company is doing? Soft-touch coating

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Soft-touch coating as from its name appears is a soft coating that is adhesive and gives the soft and velvet-like look and texture. It dries up quickly without taking much time, which is good for the printing process that can be done within a given time. It does not get taint with the touch of fingertips, neither it changes its color into yellow with time. This coating is known as sophisticated and luxurious because of its exceptional result. Moreover, this coating is eco-friendly. It means it does not leave a bad impact on the environment and is not harmful to ozone layers.


The varnish is a very small and thin coating used for protection purposes. In varnish coating sort of ink is used which has no color at all. It is known as a durable coating that’s why applied mostly on wooden or hard surfaces. It is not a specific formula rather it is made up of resin and dried oil. The constituent helps to maintain a great coating and stays there for a longer period. You can go for flood varnish or spot warmish as according to your needs. Flood varnish covers the whole printing page, whereas spot varnish is on some specific parts and particular areas of printing. Spot varnish is commonly used for highlighting the logo and brand name. It is available in gloss, matte and satin.

UV coating

The ultraviolet coating is done by passing ultraviolet lights. It dries very fast and hardens the coating within no time. It is considered a more durable and suitable coating that lasts long as we compare it with other coatings like varnish, Aqueous and soft-touch, etc. Spot UV gives exceptional outlook and catches the eye at once. It is the most protective coating but many people say that it is too shiny. And one more thing it can tear because of the hardness of the coating therefore, it needs special attention and skills of the professional before going to opt it.

Aqueous coating

This is the most cost-effective and best coating as it gives subtle and fine finishes to the printing. It is a water-based coating that is eco-friendly and in the benefit of the environment. It does not create any damage like; cracking, tearing, wrinkling, and creasing. It is also available in matt and gloss coating. It is highly recommended by the manufacturers because of its unique appealing and various advantages. It is far better than varnish and UV coating. It is known as greener coating as well as more durable with great resistance. It is mostly used for mail items, business cards, and brochure that resides in the wallet and come in direct contact. Aqueous coating either it is gloss or matt gives a specific surface that works as great resistance for pollutant factors.

Theses above-mentioned are a few coating that is done by our company. We apply different techniques to give the best coating and fine finishes to the product. We try to increase the sale of the product by offering a high quality of packaging and printing with supreme and best coating, either it is matte, or gloss, extra attention is given to bring the best end-result.