Seven Kraft Boxes Styles That Meet Your Business Need

Kraft boxes are the superior quality packaging stuff that allows the user to store and ship the product safely. These are widely used nowadays, not because of their eco-friendly nature but also these can be molded in different styles. Moreover, there are many other advantages associated with these boxes. These include:

  • Kraft boxes are exceptionally strong. They can bear maximum weight so one can ship the boxes safely from one place to another. These remain intact; the end-user gets a solid product without any damage.
  • These are reusable boxes. Once you have utilized the inside thing, you can reuse the box for the placement of other things that will remain safe for a long time.
  • These are flexible for printing and writing. Almost all printing techniques can be applied to them so they make a good source of brand marketing also.
  • Moreover, you can apply multiple decoration things over it as different sticking agents function best with this type of packing.

Styles Of Boxes Available

Kraft boxes are available in a variety of styles so that manufacturer can pick the one in which he can store products and fit it snugly. Let’s have a look at the seven different boxes style crafted with Kraft material.

Display Boxes

Display boxes are the perfect product marketing source. These improve the sale as buyers direct interact with these boxes on the rack. The Kraft display boxes are sturdy and can be molded in different designs for easy placement of items in them. Moreover, they are designed in a way so that buyers can conveniently pull out the product without disturbing other products lying beside the box. These boxes are ideal to pack candies, cosmetics, grocery items, and much more that can be placed on countertops or racks of the grocery store.

Jewelry Kraft Boxes

To store and ship jewelry safely is the main concern of the manufacturer. It is because the minor jerks can break the parts and make the jewelry product useless. Therefore, for safe shipment, the Kraft Boxes play a significant role. The jewelry items are first wrapped in bubble sheets or a plastic bag or embed in Styrofoam sheets, then placed inside the Kraft box. This ensures double protection and it reaches to end-user safely. Mainly the box with a separate lid is preferred to pack the jewelry item.

Bakery Boxes Style

The tuck top square or rectangular boxes with or without windows are a great option for packing bakery items the Kraft boxes can keep bakery item safe and prevent from breaking of crunchy biscuits or keep the cake safe. Moreover, the addition of parchment paper helps to absorb the oily content thus keeps over fold items neat and safe. These boxes are also best to ship pizzas and other freshly baked items.

Moreover, if one needs a custom Kraft bakery box can get the decoration over it. You can easily paste ribbons, bows, ties, and cards over the box to give it an enticing appeal.

Apparel Packaging

The deep and rectangular separate lid boxes are the best solution to keep the shoes safe. The best part is that the kraft boxes are intact to dust. These not allow the dust particles to move inside so keep the shapes and other apparel products safe and neat. Because of the variation in size of shoes and fabric these packaging can be tailored according to the stuff’s needs.

Gift Packaging Is An Ideal Solution

One amazing thing that the Kraft boxes provide us is the gift box design. Available in a variety of designs and styles you can sue these Kraft boxes for packaging of the gifts. It offers comfortable packing as the product can ideally fit inside and you can use it for the packing of a gift for different events. Get the alluring custom packaging designs and give a surprise to your fellows.

Kraft Lid Boxes

These are the common type that we see in the market. These are ideal to use for packing of the variety of the products. These ensure safe delivery to end-user as these can be sealed properly and there is no fear of product leakage. These come with separate lid closure or with combined magnet closure system. These offer a luxe impression to the box and improved the aura of the final product.

Kraft postage boxes

The self-locking die-cut boxes made with kraft material are ideal to deliver products to small or long distance. These come with envelope base and different panels to give a unique look to the box. It is the best option to store and deliver fragile products. For extra security, the boxes are further bound with the wide tape so that there is no chance of leakage of the products.

Kraft Boxes Customization

If you are looking for the green boxes for an event to use them as goodie boxes or need the boxes to ship your products then you can customize them. Take a service form a custom box designing company and provide them a size to get the order according to your need.

You can get the printing and designing of your choice also. For small scale digital printing is an ideal option. If you need boxes for your kid’s birthday party then have a print of his picture on each box and give it an enticing effect.

There are a lot more things that you can do with these boxes and make your product presentation stupendous. Get your boxes now and give your product a new feel.


 Kraft boxes have become the priority product packaging solution. If you are hunting for packaging stuff that is eco-friendly, enticing, reusable, has flexible printing nature, and can be molded to any shape then use the Kraft Boxes and get the packaging solution. It is the perfect choice to pack multiple products and help you store and delivers the products safely.