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People address details regarding their business in their business cards. Previously they were only used to represent the name of their business. But now they are an effective tool for engaging more customers. Also, the customers like to visit offices by looking at their cards. Every little detail is mentioned on their websites. As cards are handy, you can put them beneath your table glass. And use the contact information whenever required. Many business officials keep these cards in their wallets. It makes it easier for them to share with colleagues and clients. So they have business card boxes to carry them in it. 

Some business officials carry these cards in meetings or travel on business trips webinars etc. Apart from mentioning the basic detailing, they even print logos, images, font styles, and sizes. Customers and clients usually look at business services through this card. They get general information about what services they can get from them. The standard of the card matters here

Significance of business card boxes

People use the packaging boxes for assembling their producers at a place. This keeps their products secure and protected. They are safe from pollution and other dust particles. The products would remain in their exact condition. You can package your business cards into the boxes. The businessmen and company owners usually have a lot of business card with them. Because they have contacts with many companies. With the box packaging, their cards are placed together. Therefore, they require business cards boxes. The boxes are usually handy and they look smart and elegant.

Key features of business card boxes

A box is required to pack and organize the business cards. That is why they need a creative box so that users are attracted to it.

  • Needs to be spacious

The size and dimensions of the box must be big. So that people can place lot many cards together. Usually, the cards are in bulk. So they must fit into the box.

  • Opening the card box

These boxes need to have a simple opening technique. Like they can have a lid or fold. So that customers can open them with convenience. Some even have a magnetic lock for closing the boxes.

  • Brief information

On the boxes, you need a short detailing about your business. You must not print too many details about your business.  It should carry precise information only. Like the logo, and business contact information only.

  • Object description rather than written details

Some businesses ask the companies to design their boxes with certain shapes. These shapes contain a symbolic representation of the business. Instead of writing a detailed paragraph on your business.

  • Modifications

You can get designed a simple box through modifications. It will enhance the appearance of the boxes. And make them elegant.

  • Final touches

The custom companies always do the final touches on the boxes. So that they immediately appeal their customers.

Variety of card boxes and their shapes

The shapes of the boxes depend upon the requirement of the client.

  1. Box with the top open

People usually keep such card boxes on their office desks. People can pick the cards from it.  

  • Box with a sliding bar

It is a distinctive box. One end of the box is covered and the other one is open.

  • Box with lock

A unique box from the ordinary boxes. A magnet is attached to the fold on the box. The other gold or lid connects to the magnet.

  • Kraft made boxes

These boxes consist of Kraft material. It is a hard material. Usually, they paint the box with brown color like wood.

  • Corrugated made boxes

The material used in making is thicker and denser than the Kraft material. So the box becomes stiff. Also, these boxes are light to carry.

 Designing these boxes
  • Our company focuses on designing the boxes with a brand logo image. Also, some cards include brief information about the contact of the brand. 
  • Some businessmen or owners of the companies like to have a pocket-friendly box. So that they can carry them along. The boxes easily fit into their pockets. 
  • Some boxes are designed with a modern outlook. That is distinctive from the usual card boxes. 
How Claws custom boxes company is the best designing and packaging company

You might find difficulty in organizing the business cards. The custom companies design the business boxes creatively. The packaging these companies offer is in the business card boxes. Then, you can place these cards inside the boxes. You can arrange them specifically with the order you want. It will create a professional look. The claws company USA has proficiency in designing them. They would do strong printing on the cards. Also, they would use the best-graded cardboard sheets for making them. Your business would then achieve recognition in the market. 

The company allows you to choose the customization properties regarding the boxes. For example, box dimensions, template, color scheme, font size, etc. you are free to select and design them according to your likeness. They have tools and software for designing the 3D model of the boxes. This will be convenient for you to thoroughly check the design. 

Next, our company offers the products at half of the retail price. Because they produce bulk card boxes. This is up to you what kind of material you need for your card boxes. Here is the list of some packaging we offer. 

  • Kraft boxes
  • Rigid material boxes
  • Corrugated boxes

We focus on the strength of the material used in our products. This company uses biodegradable packaging material. Secondly, the material is safe when it is exposed to the environment. Whatever packaging you would select, it would have the ability to last. The company has a strong quality testing team. Who works for the quality maintenance. The printing on the cards won’t fade. Even after they are exposed to water or extreme climate.

Why preferably select the Claws custom boxes company

Our company aims to retain the quality of packaging boxes. We use new technology in printing and designing the cards. You would be satisfied after availing of our services for designing custom business card boxes. Also, our company doesn’t include delivery charges if your order is within the country. So it is preferable to use our company for designing the custom business card boxes.