Let Everyone Knows About Your Candle Boxes Business Effectively?

Starting a new business is not an overnight game. One needs to invest their time, commitment, consistency, resources, and finances to make their goods and establish a name. After all, everybody wants to be known by the world. Besides all the efforts, packaging has its own value. No matter that your product is outclassed, but if the packaging is not good it will affect the sales and profit. Packaging is the key factor for gaining sales for any business.

Candle Boxes are essential if you own a candle-making business. Similarly, it should not be just ordinary packaging but it must incorporate positive value about the product onto the package. It’s time for the business, even the small ones to realize the importance of perfect packaging. Eventually, studying customer buying behavior elaborates that people usually make impulsive decisions by looking at the presentation of the items. Though, your customized boxes should be attractive and superb. Are you still confused about what value the customized boxes will give to your business? Here are the unique features of having packaging boxes for your business.

Importance of Candle Business

Wow! Your product is great and people love to have your candles at their place. However, are you still looking up for growing sales? In other words, candle making has your heart but packaging will become the soul of the product and make it lively. Let’s discuss what value packaging boxes give to your product.   

Keep your packaging for candles simple and clear. Besides other customization features, the most important thing is that people should buy your product. To achieve your sales goal, you need a box that talks about your brand and the products. Exclusive box design has its own benefit. In conclusion, a customer reads about your product and brand and lets them decide whether to buy the product or not.

What information can I provide on the box?

Here is the important information one can write in the customization of the boxes for candles.

Brand name and Logo                                                                                     

Printing of brand name and logo on the customized box is essential. It will help the buyers to memorize your brand name and recall it even if they did not hold the box for long.

Write up your Product Name                                                                                       

You may notice candle businesses having names about each candle category. It helps the candle users to memorize which one they love and will purchase again. Printing the fancy product name looks attractive on the box. You can write up names like lemongrass candles, midnight energy, lavender essence, or else. It will help people to remember which candle they purchase.

Mention the type of your products:

Talking about the candle-making business, people use different materials to make candles. It includes beeswax candles, soy candles, scented candles, round candles, gel candles, and more. Mentioning the product type is a great way to let customers decide which one they are interested in. Most people love scented candles, some go for the natural ones, few like gel ones for decoration as well.                    

Write one or two lines for benefits:

People tend to buy products that provide some benefits to their life. They want good value for the money they spent. Therefore, describe the benefits of your candles in one or two lines. You can talk about the essence, energy, mood-lifting, and more. You can talk about the manufacturing date, how long it will last and anything you think is worth mentioning.

Story of your business

People love to know about how you started and what keeps you motivated. Your brand story is a tool to keep customers close to your products and develop their interest. In this section, you can tell about when you started the candle business, how it was established, your mission, vision, values, and more. Else, discussing what their purchase meant for your business is also a key point. However, remember to keep that information short, clear, and concise.                                                                                       

Must mention the ingredients:

People can be allergic to some ingredients. Hence, labeling the ingredients is an important decision. It will protect your brand image against people’s false claims. In the ingredients section, one can talk about the Eco-friendly nature of the product. Whether the product has toxic or non-toxic nature and so on.

Caution labels:

For instance, candles are supposed to be normal and non-hazard items. However, they could be harmful if one does not handle them with care. Especially for the children, it is not safe to leave them alone with candles. They can catch fire. Always give cautionary alerts for the safety of your customers.                                                                                                   

Weight and quantity: 

Do not forget to mention the weight and quantity of the product on candle boxes. Sometimes, people tend to read about the quantity and weight of the product like 1 piece of 4.3oz. Moreover, this feature will help people if they are looking to carry the candles in bulk for traveling.    

Type of boxes for candles packaging:

Candles come in multiple shapes and sizes. The packing of the candle should fit the product size and hold it tight in the box. The box itself should look captivating and fabulous. Here is the list of boxes you can choose for your candle packaging.

Square laminated boxes with a top opening:

Have you seen full-size candles in glass jars? For glass jar candles, you can go for the shiny or Matt laminated boxes with top openings. The remaining sides of the box are close to saving the candle from breaking or falling. Square box candles are usually the scented ones. Furthermore, these candles are famous to use in spas for relaxing, yoga sessions, stress relief, and for stress-relieving purposes.

Long rectangular boxes:

Another great packaging option for long, slim candles like the candle night dinner candles is the long rectangular boxes. For taper candles, cardboard or Kraft paper is an amazing choice. Coming to the taper candles, they do not stand for the quality and luxuries. Therefore, the long rectangular boxes do not need any fancy design.

Sleeve packaging:

Sleeve packaging is another candle packaging for slim candles. In sleeve packaging, the sleeve slides over the custom boxes or above the product. Usually, sleeve packaging is used to pack multiple candles in the same box, for example, tealight candles. Moreover, for the packing of tealight candles, you can choose the flower print, plain white, or simple brown color sleeve boxes. In customization, you can leave a window for a beautiful outer display of candles.


One cannot deny the importance of having attractive packing for the candle business. Remember that a customer just takes a few seconds to make a final decision about their purchase. Therefore, the packaging and what is written on the box are very important. You can add a brand name, logo, ingredients, weight, benefits, vision, and mission to the customized box. Moreover, multiple types of candle boxes are available in the market. You can get them in different material types and shapes. Claws Custom Boxes are offering amazing collection and customizing options to its valued customers. Come and have your favorite box design for your particular product.