How Different Packaging Maintain The Delicacy Of Candle Boxes

We all know candles are a symbol of humility, love, light, and passion. In the past, our ancestors used it as a utility but now they are important pieces of decoration for houses as well as in events. These are considered an essential part of events like birthday parties, child Christianity or baby shower. This is because the flickering flame creates peace of mind an provide a soothing effect

A candle is a delicate object. There is a need for proper handling and storage. Therefore, to maintain its structure as well as to provide safe delivery to end-users the manufacturers focus on their packaging. Now the question is what packaging stuff is suitable to pack the candles? How to prevent it from melting as well as to maintain its shape? To prevent damaging as well as to retain the original appeal of the candles the companies are using different packaging materials. These include


In our daily life, we see products packed in cardboard stuff. It is the best packaging material that manufacturers are using. The cost-effective nature, ecofriendly, and above all durability make it the choice of user. 

Moreover, the flexibility in design also makes it a perfect option for candle packaging. Either it is tower candle, wax pot or cylindrical candles, cardboard boxes ideally fit these products in them and keep them safe.

Furthermore, cardboard boxes are easy to customize. The Custom Candle Boxes that are easily designed with different colors and themes are perfect to pack single or decoration candles. Companies are using the printed cardboard packaging that not only enhances the appeal of the overall product yet also improves the marketing of these lighting pieces.

Another factor that helps the cardboard boxes to stand out in the market and help manufacturers to preserve the candles safely is the availability of a variety of styles or shapes.

Square window boxes

To showcase the candle elegantly, the packaging department uses the square window box. These are the boxes that offer a single-window on the front or top load side display Otherwise; some also come with the windows on all four sides that make the box alluring. It is a great way to market the product as the end-user can see the inside product. 

Moreover, for a more enticing look, the ribbon handle is attached. It enhances the overall appeal and gives a marketer an extra point to improve the sale.

Hut shape box

There exist a race among the manufacturer to sale their candle product. Therefore they are bringing innovation in packaging to win the heart of their customers. For this reason, they are introducing unique shape boxes like hut package. To design a perfect hat the square base is embedded with cone shape cardboard to make a perfect hut box. It not only fascinates the buyer but also makes a good decoration piece that preserves the candle perfectly.

Tray box

To pack the floating candles or tower candles horizontally mainly tray boxes are used. To maintain the integrity and avoid any scratches due to friction among candles, the dividers are added. These keep them organized and ensure safe delivery to end-users. Moreover, these make a perfect display box, so the user can pick the whole box or choose one candle from the package directly from the display rack in the store.

Candle tray gift boxes are also available. These are covered with colored wraps and tied with ribbon bows to make it persuasive for the customers. You can also get custom candle tray boxes and get them decorated according to your choice to make a perfect gift.

Boxes with tuck top opening

The simple boxes are used for packing the single candle or packing of the tower candles. These are placed vertically or horizontally depending on the shape of the box. To maintain the shape of the candle, the manufacturers mainly role the candle separately in the kraft paper and then pack inside the box. Sometimes if there is weight issue then corrugated sheet partitions are also added.

For wholesale marketing purposes or to pack a single candle, rectangular or square tuck top boxes are a good option. The candles are placed neatly inside the box and shipped to the destination.

Corrugated boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes are the types that are safe to deliver the products in bulk. For international and national level shipments corrugated boxes are preferred. It is because these are cost-effective as well as high tensile strength that can bear more loads. Therefore, to prevent the dedicated pieces from breakage the manufacturers use this type of packages. Perhaps to make it strong extra corrugated linings are added that make the box firm and resistive to the pressure.

Kraft paper box

Kraft paper boxes are best to pack a single candle. These are not hard not much strong but can preserve candles safely. To give a candle a classic touch. These are wrapped around the candle and tied with ribbon or thin rope with a tag attached with a thin lanyard to make it a perfect gift. The Kraft papers are printed with various images as well as information about the candle is added so that users can use it and keep on a safe place.

 Final Verdict

These are few candle packaging materials that companies are using to keep this delicate product safe, free of friction as well as prevent from any damage. Moreover, the flexible printing property of cardboard makes it a wonderful choice for packaging. Companies apply unique artwork, and themes to give a box and alluring effect. The overall purpose is not to ship the candles safely but also to enhance the marketing of the product.

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