Corrugated Boxes: A Gem In The Store For You

Quality is the best aspect of any product. It gives any item extra respect in comparison to others. When considering different products, we tend to go with the one that offers something extra. For some, it is quality, safety, and lifespan. Everyone has a different angle and view to experience things. In the packaging industry, manufacturers and users require to have quality and safety side by side. It is because every packaging product will have to carry an item. And items that have good quality will require spectacular packaging. For packing items, boxes have been of great importance. And of their prime product are Corrugated Boxes. 

A big problem for most of the users and sellers is to pack heavy items. Moreover, sometimes heavy products are also expensive and delicate. A sudden force easily breaks them apart. In this light, the users have to be sure in selecting the appropriate packaging for their items. Even a few boxes do not sit perfectly in this category when packing heavy items. Then, sellers have a great friend in the boxes that make use of the corrugated material. The material alone requires deep research and applause than the box it produces.

Safety and Quality 

Like products, packaging items also require to have unique traits. A packing product that does not fulfill its basic requirements is of no use. You will see loads of boxes that do not cut in the industry. This is because such boxes offer the lowest positive traits which the users do not require. To overcome this, manufacturers produce boxes that make use of corrugated sheets and panels. The best aspect is the strength it carries. With more strength, there is more safety and security for the items you want to store. 

Why a Corrugated Material?

With an emphasis on the material increase in the market these days. It is a common question that why such boxes have importance in every industry. And that why do other box types do not sell out in bulk. 

Corrugated material possesses some exquisite characteristics:

  • It has each panel consisting of three layers 
  • A binding material exists in between two layers 
  • This material avoids and resists the shocks and pressure 
  • In this way, your item remains safe against the mightiest of the falls 
  • It is an economic way of packing heavy items 
  • Requires minimum additional features 
  • A great way to advertise the products through these boxes 
  • Easy to recycle by disassembling quickly 

Why Not Other Materials? 

It will be harsh to not consider other materials too. But such materials only offer minor benefits while they lack in a few areas. Other popular box materials go by the name of kraft and cardboard material. As much as the economic and budget-friendly aspect they carry. There is not much on offer. 

Cardboard material:

  • Offers the least stiffness 
  • Has a low strength and minimum safety factor among all box materials 
  • Makes a weak box ideal to hold and carry lightweight materials 
  • Useful when the product is small and light 

Kraft material:

  • Offers good strength than cardboard but less than corrugated material 
  • Offers good stiffness but is lower than corrugated material 
  • Is ideal for packing items that have a decent-weight 
  • Have a shiny surface that offers additional features 

Industrial Usage 

Corrugated material makes boxes that are of great importance. In the industries, the manufacturers rely on these boxes to pack loads of products. Thus, you will have such boxes available in large quantities packing heavy as well as light items. 

·         Glass Industry 

Glass is heavy as well as delicate. Being heavy makes it require only the perfect packing option. Whereas being delicate makes it easy to break under pressure or during a fall. Thus, only a box using corrugated sheets will offer the best help. 

·         Transportation Industry 

An industry known as the transportation industry has the job to transfer goods in bulk. Cargo transportation is another form of it. The transportation sector has to pack different products in one large container. However, this large container is nothing but a box that utilizes corrugated material. 

·         Décor Industry 

The decoration service providers have to shift items quickly. Moreover, they need to bring in items swiftly to consume minimum time. For this, they make use of such boxes that can easily contain loads of goods with ease.

·         Electronics Industry 

If safety is a priority, the electronics industry has the top priority for such boxes. It is because electronics items range from light to heavyweight. But even light items such as smartphones carry some weight and without precise packing, there is a chance of risk. 

Product Usage 

Apart from the industry, loads of products make use of these boxes. It is to pack and stack the products. Since such boxes pack every item with ease. A few products rely on them. 

·         Smartphones 

A smartphone nowadays carries good weight much takes cardboard and kraft boxes out of the equation. Only a tough and stiff box will be able to carry them as well as their accessories. 

·         Glass Items

Whether a decoration product or any glass item, only the strongest box will offer good safety. Thus, making use of corrugated panels for a box is the best you can do. 

  • Commercial Appliances 

Appliances such as toasters, ovens, TVs, gaming consoles all carry good weight. Moreover, they contain a heavy price tag too. Without efficient packing, there is the risk of damage and accident. For this, you require only these boxes at best. 

·         Office Supplies 

When shifting offices on your own, you find a lot of mess to sort out. These include your papers and stationery as well as products such as printers. Only a genius can think of a single solution for all these items.

·         General Packing 

Moreover, your general packaging requirements can make easy use of these boxes as well. Whether you intend to pack and stack lightweight items or need a big single space. Such boxes always come to lend a hand offering you the best help. 

Customization Possibilities 

Whether you opt for a corrugated material or a cardboard or kraft material. Two things are offered by all these materials. These include the low-cost factor and ease of modifying. Stylizing anything is the power we need in most cases.

  • Size modification for your box is on offer. It is so you can use a box for packing a single item. Or you can have a large size to accommodate bulk products. 
  • In essence, it is easy to have any design for your box. Or you can simply go with the random designs. In short, you have complete authority to select the best design for your box. 
  • Additional features come in handy such as viewing windows in a box. This addition is not feasible for Corrugated Boxes. It is because these boxes have to offer strength and space will reduce it. 
  • However, you can utilize these boxes by designing them for promotion. Adding your logo and trademark is the requirement for advertising. Moreover, you can add information about the products as well. 
  • If you want to use these boxes for packing and advertising, it is better to include some finishing. This can be in the form of gold or silver foil covering. Or simply highlight a few things. Moreover, you can add a matte or glossy aspect to your box too.