Yes, normally we make changes in printing as per the wishes of customers. For such types of things, you can always contact our representatives on toll-free numbers (505) 407-0095 or can correspond via registered email sales@clawscustomboxes.com. Making changes multiple times makes us create new printing plates all the time.


Yes, we offer this facility to our customers. All the pictures, text, and printing done by our company are crystal clear and visible. We can even send you text printed on the carton as a sample right now.


Right now we can print in full color options. The coating is also included in the whole digital poof. Normally with 4 colors process, fine printing can be done and the desired result can be obtained. But for more colors, we run through carton from printing and work hard


It depends on the requirement of the customers how they want their shipping done. We pack the boxes in large cartons. The number of cartons can be varying as it depends on the size of the carton. While packing they are placed in corrugated boxes in a flat position.


It depends on the order of the boxes. Sometimes it is in bulk or sometimes less quantity is required by the customers. Therefore, we can provide an exact turnaround when you provide us complete information regarding your order. But mostly, we take very little time, a maximum of 3


Folding carton is a three-dimensional type of container. A thick layer is used in its making; these boxes are not like shoe boxes. They cannot be folded. These boxes have their top and bottom surface and they are like corrugated boxes.


Soft-touch coating as from its name appears is a soft coating that is adhesive and gives the soft and velvet-like look and texture. It dries up quickly without taking much time, which is good for the printing process that can be done within a given time. It does not